Mojito Photography Boudoir Photography Fernandina Beach, FL



**Boudoir and Special Occasion gallery photographs are used with the exclusive permission of our clients.**

In our Boudoir photography, we work with brides looking for a memorable gift for their fiancés and with women who want the perfect anniversary, birthday or surprise gift for their husbands or significant other. We start our boudoir sessions by deciding what sort of look you are going for and then you have the option of having your makeup done by a professional artist specifically for photography. We will then decide on which outfits to start with and which sets to use. It’s natural to be a little nervous in front of the camera, so don’t worry, it doesn’t take long before you start to relax and really enjoy yourself. 


Tips for Boudoir Sessions

The items you choose to wear are ultimately up to you! However, here are some suggestions:
1. cute panties w/ matching supportive push-up bra (a black outfit is
always good to have in addition to any other ones you have.)
2. stiletto or high heels
3. corsets, baby dolls, fishnet stockings, garter belt
4. an item of his (button-up shirt, tie, or something he’s really into)
5. a cute apron (if you want to do a cupcakes scene in the kitchen)
6. bathing suit (if you want to do a bubble bath scene)
7. bold jewelry (a nice long beaded necklace looks good w/ just panties)
8. fun hats, scarves
9. any props you’d like

1. Please try not to get tan lines in the few weeks before your session as they are extremely difficult to touch up and may cost extra for retouching.
2. Wear loose clothing (no bra or panties if you can) before coming over for your shoot since red lines can appear when your undergarments hug your body.
3. Moisturize your entire body with lotion.
4. Make sure the soles of your feet are clean.
5. Shave or wax areas of hair you don’t want showing.
6. Bring an iPOD or CD’s of any music you’d like to listen to during the shoot.
7. If you’d like, you can also bring some alcohol to help ease your nerves, though we always have wine available for those over 21. =)
8. Have a professional manicure and pedicure a day or two before your session so your hands and feet look their best.  French tip manicures are always classic but if you choose a color keep in mind your outfit choices.


Unless you have booked a package with professional hair & make-up, please arrive for your session with your hair & make-up done.  You can of course do your own makeup but it is highly recommended that you get your make-up professionally done. MAC make-up locations do a great job with makeup for photography.  Another tip is that you purchase their false lashes (they look awesome in photos!). MAC counters are located in multiple locations, some in stores such as Dillards or Nordstrom and are sometimes free-standing. It's usually $50 to get make-up done, but you can use that $50 toward the purchase of their products, so essentially you're getting an awesome makeup job done for free!  There are many other options for having your makeup done just ensure they understand that the makeup is for a photography session as there is a different look for this versus daytime or evening makeup.
For hair, please don’t feel like you have to do anything extravagant, sometimes hair looks best when it’s just straightened or curled in hot rollers. A good way to get good volume in your hair is to arrive with your hair still in rollers.